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PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST Rafael E. Rodriguez B. (RERB) The Art of Photography!

Every day we interact with a piece that holds memories and value to us, each containing its own history because of the labor, care and time, loaded on each medium, IRREVERSIBLE Art Monaco 2015 holds a unique level of intention and weight, an intimate declaration that explore togetherness and attachment. I truly believe in the work of these artists, and the important role they play widening means to a cultural exchange enriching our lives profoundly. ‪‎ Noor Blazekovic‬

6666 – New Media Art Installation

Noor Blazekovic IRR founder Publisher/Curator: Who are you and what do you do?

Rafael E. Rodriguez B. (RERB): My name is Rafael E. Rodriguez B. (RERB). I communicate what I see, what I dream… Noor Blazekovic: Why do you do what you do? RERB: Because it is what I feel. Noor Blazekovic: How do you work? RERB: I do not work. I play. When I am on vacations, it is when I “work” the most. I go to Bars, Museums, take pictures and run. That opens my mind. That is how I work.

Noor Blazekovic: Tell me about your background? RERB: I am Journalist, Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Photographer, Artist.

Noor Blazekovic: What’s integral to your work as an artist? RERB: Honesty

Noor Blazekovic: What role as an artist do you have in society? RERB: Inspire others same way as others inspires me.

Noor Blazekovic: What has been a ultimate work experience? RERB: Re-build, the art installation 6666.

6666 – New Media Art Installation

6666 is a spectacular and hypnotic installation that combines photography, architecture and music to attain an impossible objective: to capture time. I documented four years of travels through 6666 still pictures, edited them to the pace of a musical score built upon 6666 musical notes, and projected them inside a floating cube.

6666 – New Media Art Installation

To experience 6666 is to live a vast range of stories, spaces and moods within a few minutes. Spectators are literally involved by images that go from the purely abstract to the intimate, and yet are masterfully held together by a profound sense of symmetry; as if time was arrested inside the cube and freed every time a person steps inside.

6666 – New Media Art Installation

Noor Blazekovic: How has your practice change over time? RERB: While I execute over the time I make “less” mistakes , some times works, some times does not. Practice challenge me positively. It is always changing.

Noor Blazekovic: What art do you most identify with? why? RERB: I like the art that express emotions. Classic or Modern. Sculpture or painting. It does not matter.

Noor Blazekovic: What work do you most enjoying doing? RERB: Taking pictures. It is an intimate communication between camera and me.

Noor Blazekovic: Did you ever feel like giving up?

RERB: I Always challenge my self. Giving up is not an option.

Noor Blazekovic: What’s the best thing about being an artist?

RERB: To be Free and to deliver Freedom…

Noor Blazekovic, Rafael E Rodriguez B and Marelis Bonilla | Photo shoot for IRREVERSIBLE PROJECTS Art Monaco 2015

Noor Blazekovic: What’s the worst thing about being an artist? RERB: Dishonest people

Noor Blazekovic: Is there a greater purpose to your artwork?

RERB: My purpose is to continue creating new ways to communicate emotions.

Noor Blazekovic: before and after IRREVERSIBLE PROJECTS can you share about your experience?

RERB: Since the beginning, Irreversible Projects has challenge us to be better, to be bigger, to always look up. Thanks.

Noor Blazekovic: if you had a chance to change anything in the art world industry what would you change?

RERB: Art world Industry, should help the artist founding to initiate and finish their works. It is very difficult for us finance our own projects.

All the best!

IRREVERSIBLE PROJECTS - EXHIBITIONS - THE MAGAZINE is a multidisciplinary collective for emerging and established artists and creatives. IRREVERSIBLE makes buying and collecting art accessible and affordable. Many of our artists and collaboration with galleries and Art Fairs have succeeded outside of the traditional format, emerging through all backgrounds we deal with cutting-edge formats, that are viewed as one of the most influential exhibition platform of our era.

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