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Art Miami 2013

Edwin Villasmil Venezuela . TEXT by Dr. Carol Damian | Professor: Art History, Latin American Art. Dr. Carol Damian is the dynamic Director & Chief Curator of the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum
The combination of extraordinary draftsmanship and creative imagination that is seen in the work of Edwin Villasmil is remarkable for a modern artist. Each of his fantastic drawings is filled with complex symbolism and arcane details that demand the full attention of the viewer fascinated to decipher their meaning.



Miami 2013

The remarkable effects that Aida Tejada achieves in her imagery are executed “in-camera” not through composite layers in computer-generated editing. She captures the essence of what is in front of her with her lens and travels together with the images toward that which is lying in the deepest depths, far beyond the world of appearances. Having spent half of her life experiencing diverse cultures, she brings a global perspective to her work yet her vision is distinctly personal. A native of the Dominican Republic, she has lived in France, Spain, Belgium, Cuba, Kazakhstan and the United States. She holds a degree in psychology from Madrid University and later obtained a Masters in Communication from Paris University.



Miami 2012

The current times change at a vertiginous rhythm, and within that turmoil of interconnected disciplines, art propitiates and generates a necessary space for analysis, dialogue, debate and proposal; a true balsam in the so-called digital era, adopting the sensibility of the human being as the main axis of its development.


The Latin American art fair arteaméricas offered a chance to achieved balance among the extremely diverse avant-garde and traditional trends, since this month, March of 2011, it becomes evident in Miami that the experience and vision of its founders, Leslie Pantín and Emilio Calleja, combined with their well-known professionalism and constant freshness, have generated an art fair that is mature, modern, vibrating, proactive. 



Miami 2012

Mariusz Navratil.  BEST IN SHOW Winner 

IRREVERSIBLE ART WYNWOOD SITE SPECIFIC PROJECT INSPIRED BY Zimoun, Marc Beekhuis and Zimoun whom work explore forms and structures based on reductive principles and careful yet radical use of materials.



Project Collaboration


Mixed Media Installation Acrylic on clear polyurethane, upcycled materials, wind chimes


Curators: Norelkys Blazekovic & Alejandro Mendoza


Guest Artists

Edouard Duval-Carrié / Pablo Cano

Lucinda Linderman / Alex Heria


Sensorial materials are designed to help us to learn about qualities like color, size, shape, length, texture, and sound.  Sensorial activities assist us in refining our judgments, putting us on the road to becoming better observers of the world. 


Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese method of object placement, focuses on the flow of “chi,” or energy. According to the principles of Feng Shui, this energy is present everywhere, and how it flows has a direct impact on a person’s health, happiness and overall luck. By channeling the energy in certain ways, it is thought that you can counteract negative influences in your life, and maximize your possibilities for good fortune


“Untitled” Senses, Perception and reality

The participant learns the pragmatic value of sensorial awareness and the converse, that what we find fascinating aesthetically and physically has an inner logic that we are in the process of discovering.  The participant implicitly appreciates that the various senses are powerful resources for solving puzzles, accomplishing projects, achieving ambitions, which the materials themselves select, as if they have an inner secret that the person discovers.

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